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It is painful to us that over 200,000 Metric Tons of Potatoes were thrown out by one of our cooperatives last month, as they had no buyer for the product, and to know that this happens to many other food commodities that South America produces every quarter.  In virtually all South American countries, the people are suffering from the strings of intermediaries who inflate the cost of food to the needy, and government officials who can in the past expect a payoff on every shipment. Food is not a luxury product, and the idea of losing valuable food back to the fields, while the people are starving, is an impossible reality! See this link for some details,

Synergence has opened the United Nations and Argentina approved Mercado Central project in Cordoba, Rosario, Sal Luis, Mendoza, and capital of country, Buenos Aires Argentina, bringing food directly from the food cooperatives who grow to the people in the street, without intermediary, at less than 50% of the cost at any other location.  This is a joint and collaborative commitment of Synergence Ventures, our cooperatives, the Red Cross, Salvation Army, and Knights of Malta. We salute Gobernador de la Provincia de Córdoba Juan Schiaretti, for championing this project for the benefit of the people.

As we bring the food directly from the farms to the people, it is fresher, and better quality than what is offered by other retailer chains. This program is approved for more than just fruits and vegetables, as we are bringing meat, fish, medical assistance, and non-food items essential to life in every home. We are proud to have recently been approved for this essential project nationwide, for implementation in Argentina, and are making plans with the other countries to spread this program to all of South America.

It is our prayer that we can help to better distribute the food wealth of South America, and we are working with the World Food Program to solve the critical food shortage issues for the most needy in Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Nigeria, and South Sudan. The articles below show the extent of the world food shortages currently, which have increased from 2017 to 2020 by 11% per year. It is everyone’s job to feed the hungry, and Synergence Ventures Corporation commits itself daily to accomplish this task!

The Global Food Crisis is Here

UN warns that COVID-19 pandemic could trigger Global Food Shortage

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