Synergence Ventures Corporation Constitution

Synergence Ventures Corporation is an internationally recognized commodities seller, fully authorized to trade physical commodities as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Corporate Member of the United Nations, and from approvals received directly by the Ministers of Agriculture, Trade, Treasury and State Department officials controlling the States, Countries, and Currency Transactions between the Federal Reserve Banks of all involved countries.

Our United Nations NGO Branch is located in Geneva, Switzerland, and we are listed as an NGO Corporate Member Firm under the United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs. NGO Organizations are expected to function in partnership, and trade directly with any and all countries of the world.  As recently as last year, the United Nations reaffirmed this essential role of NGO companies as a necessary provider, interface, and acquisition partner for all Countries, expressing growing confidence in our future integration and usefulness.

Synergence Ventures has signed commodity distribution agreements with multiple ministers from virtually all nations of South America, and we are responsible to coordinate the sales, shipment and payment requirements for over 1700 affiliated food cooperatives. Synergence Ventures has affiliated branch offices manned by personnel in the United States, Argentina, Egypt, and India.

Synergence Ventures Corporation coordinates, acts as the trading partner, and fulfills the acquisition needs of the governments we represent. We have also recently been accepted as a Corporate Member of the United States Federal Reserve Bank, Board of Governors, currently have over 70 import and export direct agreements in place, and do business directly through the Free Trade Zone in virtually all of the countries in which we operate.

What we give our partners is direct access to the farmers and cooperatives, the manufacturers and actual producers of the commodities, who employ thousands to accomplish your requirements. We have no middlemen, and it is through our firm as a direct seller that you will find governmental support for your growth, and governmental granted permissions to import and export over 240 different classes of goods.

Synergence Ventures Corporation is a trusted seller/Operative Seller for many commodities, and we are able to fulfill your needs. We work to obtain the best pricing realistic for any market, but balance this by your need for product that is always delivered with best quality.
  Bad fruit, even at a very good price, is always a nightmare for everyone involved.  Therefore, all business performed through Synergence is done via Bank to Bank verification ONLY, with fully verified procedures that insure true partnership, and full disclosure of financial contacts and details by both purchaser and seller.  This helps to guarantee contentment on both sides of the transaction.

If your country or company deals in the mining industry, or requires insured accurate liquidation of precious metals products, Synergence is proud to introduce Phoenix Mining Group, one of our sister companies, that handles the refining and liquidation of Gold and Doré bars, and the conversion of these bars into cash, which is then bank wired to the clients location, in their choice of currency, anywhere in the world. Our process has been approved by the United States Federal Reserve Bank, and they work with us directly to coordinate the international exchange requirements of such a transfer between your country and ours.

Gold is not taxable at either Import or Export to/from the United States.  We are available to partner with any legitimate gold mining operation, as we can liquidate your doré, nugget gold, or gold dust product, and return cash, or mining equipment, as is required by the mine. If you have a need or any questions, you may write to us at Phoenix Mining Group here.

Our process is of great value to anyone looking to liquidate precious metals, as once shipped to our attention at an internationally recognized refinery in the Southwestern United States, your precious metals are sold to one of several regional bank corporations, or directly to the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, with whom both Phoenix Mining Group and the refinery have a direct relationship.  With our methods, there is never a fear about a worthy buyer, or a buyer who will back out of a transaction as our business through our refinery is always performed as a guaranteed sale.

Safer Minds, Inc., our other sister company is a Non-Profit 501 (C)(3) Charitable Organization, that has developed a patent-pending fundraising method that can be used by Charitable Organizations, i.e. Schools, Faith-Based, or Intramural Sports Team-related Organizations to supplement their other fundraising activities in amazing ways. Safer Minds program, entitled Offer Motivated Giving™, combines Parents, Schools and Local Merchants into a mutual benefit society which benefits the School or Charitable Organization directly, saves Donators more than their money Gifted on every transaction, and brings continuous loyal appreciative families into the Merchant establishment.

Synergence Ventures Corporation is our general commodities trading entity, handling all shipment and payment details for much of the agricultural commodities of South America including Sugar, Rice, Barley, Wheat, Food Oil, Petroleum Oil, Iron Ore, and most anything else you can imagine. Less than one year after our founding, we have just completed the 9th month delivery of a 12 month contract, selling and delivering 200,000 MT (metric tons) per month of ICUMSA 40 Sugar to a government client in Egypt. This contract alone represented over 740 million dollars worth of revenue through Synergence Ventures efforts, for the Consortium of Sugar Producers in Brazil, whom we serve.

  • Main requests on our Business Application’s form are:

1 – Who Controls the operation in question, and who are the Board Members of your company?

2 – Provide a Good Standing letter from Country or State.

3 – Limit of Signatures required, jointly or individually? Who must the other party’s Banker do this business with? Provide us your Banker and your complete bank reference information? Account Numbers and contact information. (After all, this is how we are paid.)

4 – Board of Directors Resolutions authorizing trade/operation/sale/purchase/loan/etc. Approval of Trading certification from your Company, and the Nominated Manager.

5 – Licenses to Trade, Specific Permission to Import/Export the commodity you are interested in. Other Specific Authorizations/Memberships/etc.

It is not terribly difficult, we just require our clients to disclose the details, authorities, and resolutions that permit the company to engage in legal trade, which is a simple Know Your Customer process. We require your trade description, in which the principal must explain what your company desires regarding the Purchase/Sale/Commodities/Technology, etc. One essential detail is the registrations, permissions, and license for trading commodities requested in the clients territory, showing clearly that he is acting as a legal importer and/or exporter.

Next, your operative bank for reception or emission must understand the important point that within all banks is that there are two departments, treasury department and commerce exterior that must sign off on all trade agreements exceeding $50,000.00. Therefore, on any larger trading transaction, three bank officers must sign-off to accomplish any payment for trade.  
Finally, the form has a place to confirm any and all honorarium, extraordinary honorary, and commission payments, up front, if any such charges are expected and need to be included.

For any further inquiry or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us, but please be advised that this policy is built on Banking Law and International Convention. Therefore, on these basic requirements of full disclosure, full authority to engage in Trade, the release of Banker Contact and Information is not negotiable. For starting any trade deal with any party, we require that we fully know our customer, and to accomplish that, our Potential Client must complete, in full, our bank required Bank File Operations Form.


Nevertheless, we are glad to speak with you to make sure all points are clear, over any method of communications.