Synergence Ventures Corporation and our clientele are benefited dramatically when it comes to trade, as we are a direct member of the Consortium of United Nations Cooperatives that number over 23,000,000 cooperative organizations, with each of these cooperatives representing dozens to hundreds of selling firms/farmers.  Through the cooperatives, we directly access oats, wheat, maize, flour, soybeans, sugar and all other commodity growers, fish, meat, or chicken harvesting operations, canned foods, fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils and butters, as well as coal, bitumen, steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, fuel or crude oil, and virtually any manufacturer of any and all variety, with hundreds to thousands of employees with each member.  The relationship of these Cooperatives, who are beholden to the U.N., and thus to our firm is unique, and this type of cooperation and direct access, without any intermediary, is as rare as anything that can be imagined.

Most firms, even large multinationals, struggle to obtain a quote from two or three different vendors, but with us, we see the entire market, which changes hour by hour for any commodity, and can select the best shipping time/price available combination for the precise specifications required by our customers. Due to our position, Synergence Ventures Corporation does not have, accept or permit any intermediary, agent, impediment, nor any layer of added cost between us and the actual producers of the commodities our clients desire.  We deal with the producers directly, in all cases, or with the heads of the cooperative(s) directly, on larger Country Partner requirements, and thus can pretty much guarantee that our pricing will be the best available globally, at all times, for any genuinely deliverable product.  For continuing charitable, humanitarian, or bulk- food processing needs from any certified organization, Synergence is happy to arrange a cost-plus relationship, where the country partner, multinational food manufacturer, or humanitarian organization can review our direct pricing from the best sources available worldwide.

Synergence Ventures also has direct banking system access and verification, globally, to substantiate all commodities or manufactured products that are available for sale, in real time.  As there are very few firms in the world with these two key requirements to being able to reliably serve any need, there are many people who would wish to effect our operations and time availability by trying to obtain quotes in order to understand our process, or to put such quotes out to their supposed customer, even when they have no intention, ability, or permission to seriously pursue a trade. For this reason, and specifically because it is required by the International Chamber of Commerce,  and the Global Banking System, we use the File Operations method of fulfilling ‘Know your Customer’ requirements, and minimize the seekers to those who are direct buyers, with rights to import the specific commodity in which they have an interest.

This File Operations method was set into place formally by the Bank for International Settlement, who issued the Basel V Treaty, that is accepted and in place in over 193 countries.   The Basel V Treaty is a universal banking/commodity treaty, which was formally updated on February, 2021.  As the first requirement of doing business with Synergence Ventures Corporation, to identify your company, your banking, your permissions, and your specifications, we require the Banking System approved, File Operations format, which can be downloaded for review or completion here.

To better explain the concept of File Operations, it is the document used within the banking system to inform, confirm, and direct the actions of Bankers from both sides of any international trade. It coordinates the intentions and directives of the parties, which must be approved by the Operative Banks, and then submitted upwards for approval to the Federal Reserve Banks of all countries to the trade.  Further, should any trade be denominated in USD or Euro, even if the trade is between other countries, this File Operation method cannot be avoided. When one wishes to do business internationally, it is essential to follow these rules, or your Banker will not be able to obtain the clearances necessary to keep your commodities or other trade needs fulfilled. Beyond this initial screening, Synergence, as Non-Governmental Organization, can supply price and availability data, initiate your transaction, and clear the diplomatic process to formally initiate a trading relationship between the Ministers, Ambassadors and Governmental Officials responsible for trade between your company or government entity as importer, and the cooperative as seller.  Even in cases of financial management, the accomplishment of infrastructure development projects, specified country-desired programs for their people, or housing for the homeless, in all ways, File Operations is the Key!


LOI, RWA, NCNDA, and other older methods of trade are specifically banned in many countries, as they do not supply the necessary information to the banking system to initiate the trade. They are not acceptable methods of structuring banking operations, thus have no commitment or purpose, and cannot be lodged within the banking system.  Likewise, the SWIFT system continues to evolve, and no longer allows the use of MT799 and MT760, as these methods of communication are not compliant with current Basel V requirements. Therefore, if you are still issuing, or entertaining offers with these types of communications requirement, you will find they are impossible to process.  Older methods of commerce are no longer allowed within the banking system, forcing the real buyer and real seller to certify their structure, permissions, and authority to trade.  This change is of dramatic impact to intermediaries, and while Synergence will work cooperatively with intermediary organizations, introducing agents, and companies in our distribution side of the business, it is also no longer possible to double-invoice a transaction, thus, the price set at the border of export and import must be identical, and all costs of the operation must be signed off, disclosed fully, and agreed upon by all parties. The world of the intermediary has been drastically effected, but the cost to the world banking system, and the failure to meet the genuine needs of buyers globally, of the tens of thousands of deals annually which fail to deliver are a part of the reasons for these recent changes to the Basel Treaty.


Synergence Ventures Corporation uses a different methodology of trade management, as we serve as the Fiduciary and Trustee for any operation, fully respecting the rights of all owners, and assuring that the goods and financial operations are handled in a proper manner. All funds received from a buyer are placed into an account approved and permitted by your organization, and are held in your name, until such time as the required operation has reached the point that all Bankers approve the documents submitted and certified, and issue a partial or full release of your funds. All necessary protections for both the buyer and seller are followed, and implemented, by Synergence, administering the trade directly within the Banking System. On most transactions, according to United Nations convention, Synergence acts on behalf of the Cooperative as the Operative Seller, and handles the government permissions, logistics of transport, and customs clearances necessary to effect any transaction. Generally, Synergence manages the trade through all stages of export/import through customs, and the designated importer/agent of the purchaser handles the final delivery from the customs border to the customer.  Should this information cause any question, or if you wish to discuss any aspect of a specific requirement that you have, you may contact us here.