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Considering the Ley Brisa Law of Argentina

We live in a world that considers itself civilized, but to be truly civilized takes constant review of wrongful issues, and those willing to make the time, effort, energy, and action to bring these issues to public attention.  Over the past eight years, Dr. Amir Farhad Khosrovi J.D., Ph.D., Attorney at Law, and Economist has advocated for the most needy in South America in many areas, including food, clothing, and shelter.  Four years ago, Dr. Khosrovi was made aware of a case which illustrated a horrible hole in the Argentine judicial system, that desperately needed a cure.

While murder has always been a crime, there was no Argentine law, nor any guaranteed government commitment protecting the lives, financial security, and support for the children of a household destroyed by the horrific act of a husband killing his wife, a man killing his woman, or visa versa.  In these cases, children often lose both parents as the surviving parent goes to jail, and until this law was passed, there was no guarantee providing for any of the expenses of the children, adding to the hardship of any family member willing to step in to assist and raise them.

Such a case came to Amir’s attention, and in studying the issue, he found that this is a painfully common problem in his adopted country, where a woman is killed by her partner every thirty hours. Crafting the legislative documents and lobbying for the Brisa Law with Mujer Puntana, Fundación Elena “Cobijo de Amor”, La Asociación Civil La Casa del Encuentro, and many other civilian and community partners, Ley Brisa has become a model for domestic violence legislation that focuses on the financial safety net, and mental health services necessary, to care for, heal, and protect these children.  Laws modeled from Ley Brisa are being considered for implementation in several other countries of South America, for adoption in every state, province, and district that don’t have these protections.

We look at societal issues on both the macro and micro level, and if the protections are insufficient, or if the weakest in society are disadvantaged, we apply Amir’s legal muscle to take the necessary action.  The issue here was the forgotten children, and for the matter to be viewed, considered, and changed. We post that others can consider one path to a more caring and humane future.

Standing up for victims, and the survivors, is everyone’s business.


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