What can a Non-Governmental Organization do for you?

If you require better quality connections, we have direct, non-intermediary access to virtually all physical commodities from 193 Countries, and the Shipping, Logistics, Import, and Export experience, and emergency food capability to make a difference in areas struggling to feed their people. Synergence works directly with the food cooperatives globally, at the highest level, to accomplish your goals and to provide your buyers with 12-month continuous delivery contracts, which require cooperation of sellers from different geographic growing zones. (seasonal reality)

Beyond this, we manage and coordinate physical infrastructure projects, humanitarian requirements for Country Partners, migrant and refugee support, Historical Assets Redemption or Trade, Fiduciary & Trustee Services, International Banking & Capital Services, File Operations banking coordination of all projects, including Hi-Yield Trading Platforms, and Federal Reserve Bank/Currency Control department clearances for trade.

Synergence Ventures Corporation makes the proper connections, and assists companies, cooperatives, and Country partners to have access to over 32,000,000 firms who are a part of the United Nations Cooperatives Organization, which include access to virtually every country, and product, on Earth

Synergence Ventures Corporation is an International Trade and Development Organization, incorporated in Delaware, within the United States of America. Synergence is proud to have been chosen as a United Nations NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Corporate Member Firm, which are headquartered in the Palais des Nations, in Geneva, Switzerland. Synergence Ventures Corporation is also blessed by Membership in IBEFA, the International Banking, Economics, and Finance Association, and working partnerships with many United Nations Cooperatives, including UNDP, UNICEF, ECOSOC, FAO, UNESCO, UNDESA and DSPD.

Most of our corporate activities are guided by and fall under the operational intention, and management review, of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Synergence Ventures coordinates, acts as the trading partner, and serves as a direct purchaser and seller for cooperative members and governmental trade contracts, fulfilling the acquisition and distribution needs of the governments, cooperatives, or companies that we represent.

Synergence has over 70 direct import and export agreements in place, and we do business directly utilizing the Free Trade Zones for most of the countries in which we operate. We are specifically tasked with the commodity import and export needs of virtually all countries in South America, and responsible for supporting the import/export needs of over 26,000 companies selling everything from textiles, finished clothing, manufacturing, and automobiles, both for import and export.

NGO status allows us to trade directly with governments and cooperatives, without intermediaries increasing the price, and permits our involvement with activities related to any legitimate business purpose which generates common benefits for the people, such as employment, energy, or infrastructure development, in conjunction with local or national governments.

We are involved with activities directly covering over 75 different sectors of international economic activity, and will thus become a worthy trading partner to any organization.  We are also able to service the food needs for refugee, or nutritionally challenged populations supported by the United Nations, due to our close relations with all food and commodity producing cooperatives worldwide.

This is one of the reasons we sought NGO status. Being an NGO allows us to work reasonably with many different types of organizations, and to obtain “most favored nations” status with most of our sellers.

International Trade requires a partner with Global Reach, permissions, and the authority to deliver the food, energy or other items you require, coupled with proven logistics, strong business and banking coordination, and the ability to work with demanding customers. Successful company’s must offer pricing that can satisfy both heart and head. 

If you require infrastructure improvements for your country, assistance with importing food, goods, or technology for your people, or planning and implementation for building a dam, tunneling through a mountain range, or importing and installing energy improvement projects, we urge you to speak with us.

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Synergence Ventures Corporation is a company with experience you will find quite valuable, a work ethic and determination impossible to match, and connections that truly raise the bar.  Upon reflection, you may have just found the “proven trade and development partner” you seek, and we hope to prove this to you every day, every month, and every year that we work together.

Welcome to Synergence Ventures Corporation! We look forward to serving your needs.