United Nations Geneva Headquarters

The projects of Synergence Ventures Corporation are global in nature, and encompass more than strictly commercial endeavor.  As a United Nations NGO Trade and Development firm, Synergence Ventures is organized to engage in trade for the purposes of feeding the planet, bringing needed energy to our client countriess, and increasing the sustainability and supply requirements of our customers on a company, cooperative or national level. We also provide PPP bank trading programs and financial support services for our Country Partners, usually as a benefit to their educational and services funding sector, as we have products that work extremely successfully in that arena.

Beyond this general framework, Synergence has various infrastructure projects that we oversee, build and coordinate. Projects in this section will include:

Infrastructure, Country Planning and Development Activities

Financial Management & Capitalization

Energy Trade and Development

Goods Transportation, Shipping, & Logistics

United Nations Requirements for Refugee Food Shipment and Disbursement

Import and Export of Food, Technology, and Electricity Grid Expansions

We will be submitting projects on behalf of our Global Partners to the United Nations, and through them to the International Monetary Fund as the business and humanitarian cases warrant.  Should you have a project of global importance you need assistance with, we invite you to inquire or request help, here.

Regarding specific tasks Synergence Ventures Corporation has accomplished, or is in the process of accomplishing, are presented as follows.

Argentina River Barge Transportation System

Conceived, built and implemented by Synergence Ventures is a new barge transportation network connecting not only the different regions of Argentina together, but the riverway system is able to connect neighboring inter-country trade as well. This benefits the people of Argentina in multiple ways, as the costs of truck transportation have been extraordinarily high, controlled by a privileged small group of highly organized firms, and this group has been severely affecting the costs of virtually all goods to the citizens for many years.

The recognition of problems and the presentation of solutions leads us ever further in our process of serving the natural citizens of each country in which we work.  This journey is continuing every day, and our focus grows ever more clear.  As we help those least able to care for themselves, we are finding ever more support from the governments that truly need the help. Perhaps the old adage is correct: People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Free Trade Zone Mendoza and San Luis, Argentina

In negotiations with the government of Argentina, Synergence Ventures has been granted management authority of the four Free Trade Zone’s of San Luis and Mendoza state. Synergence has coordinated affiliate relations with 19 of the other free trade zones in Argentina, and our linking with the other three or four zones is in process.  Through these efforts, the import and export pathway to South America’s rich vast resources is being paved.

Brazil-Egypt Icumsa Sugar Contract

Synergence Ventures Corporation successfully delivered 1.8 million metric tons of ICUMSA 40 Sugar from our cooperatives in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay to Egyptian buyers over two years ago.  Though this has been an issue for our company and our cooperative partners, as the contract has needed to be adjudicated in multiple country courts at highest level, the lawsuit has been found 100% in our favor, as Synergence performed fully under the contract.

This non-payment of the Egyptian buyers is a very serious issue we are still attempting to cure.  This contract has established however, without a doubt, our ability to deliver and work through difficulties in any contract, as Synergence facilitated multiple problems for the buyer at every stage of this operation.

The High Court’s of Argentina, Brazil and Egypt have worked in conjunction to administrate this trade dispute, and have threatened the Buyers with criminal charges if they do not complete their responsibilities under the contract.

1700 Food Based Cooperatives sign partnership for Distribution and Logistics Support

As a result of this contract, and our Minister level approvals and operations, and the confirmation of our legitimacy as logistics and management partner, Synergence Ventures has signed agreements to represent over 1700 cooperatives from Argentina and over 210,000 within South America in the food commodities industry.  Should you have any need for food products to feed your people, Synergence Ventures Corporation is able to serve as your direct delivery partner, as the principal in partnership with the cooperatives, and you will receive the needed food for your citizens.

Mercado Central Argentina (National Program)

Synergence has recognized various problems in the food delivery chain that were causing people countrywide to have the inability to afford the most meager of existence, as food, gasoline, and energy pricing is escalating beyond the people’s ability to afford. In an effort to save the people and give them relief from the inflation they are experiencing in every cost, we proposed the Mercado Central project to the Argentina government, tested it successfully in Cordoba, Argentina in May, 2018, and received countrywide approval in July to institute it on a national basis.

This project brings food from the our 1700+ producer cooperatives directly to the people, by way of a Central Market open-air 24 hours per day market in Argentina, that Synergence and the cooperatives jointly maintain, providing fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, grains, and finished goods including jams, jellies, and woven items made by senior women’s groups around the country, at less than 50% of what the people could obtain it at any other standard retail outlet, like the local Walmart. It is our understanding that the quality of the produce is higher as well, and being locally grown, arrives much fresher and with less loss.  Whatever we cannot sell within one or two days is given to the poor of the community through several outreach programs. Mercado Central truly has no waste, as no food is lost or destroyed.

This program is operates 24 hours per day, and the books are closed on the operation every 24 hours.  We have implemented the design of a computer controlled ordering, staffing and accounting system which is capable of handling these needs, and the corresponding logistics on a national level.

International Expansion of Mercado Central (From the People, To the People)

The Scope of Mercado Central has recently been upgraded in Argentina to include all sectors of economic activity, thus, Synergence is able to bring any of 65 different classes of merchandise to the people through this humanitarian program. Mercado Central is now an unlimited venue where we can expand to handling every type of citizen-required product. Even appliances and tools for the home can be included, and thus, Mercado Central can evolve as desired by the people’s need, and we can expand our humanitarian retail outlet into all forms of consumer goods. Further, we have been contacted by Brazil, Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, and other members of the continent as they wish us to duplicate this activity in their country. Planning is underway to accomplish the Mercado Central project on a national, and then continent-wide scale.

United Nations Endeavors

First in our hearts is the concept of helping the helpless, as this is a true goal of the United Nations structure, and every U.N. member firm.  It has likewise always been our conviction that responsibility is a personal thing, thus, if there is a social wrong, like hunger, we must all do our part to solve it.  In this way, we have entered into partnership with the United Nations FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) to assist them in feeding the nations listed below as High or Very High undernourishment, by serving and fulfilling the needs of the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP). The nations listed on the following map, in varying degrees, all need assistance. Most specifically, we are tasked with assisting in the delivery of foodstuffs to Chad, Niger, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Central African Republic, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Madagascar and the Republic of Congo.

It is our intention to partner the breadbasket of South America with the great need for food in Africa, and to truly make a dent in the world’s hunger equation.

For more information on the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, please click here http://www.fao.org/home/en/