It is astounding to us that countries have food shortages that threaten their populace.

Global Food Distribution, Decreasing Global Warming, Energy Development, Pollution Minimization, Creating a World that is Sustainable.

Fifty years ago George Harrison and Ravi Shankar envisioned a Global Fundraiser called the Concert for Bangladesh, underwritten in part by the United Nations, their first mission of this kind.

Flash forward to today, 24% of Africa still goes home hungry at the end of the day, and shockingly, the numbers are currently higher in several countries of South America. Considering that these countries always produce far more food than is needed to feed their entire population, curing world hunger is one of our most important projects.

The United Nations has a program entitled Zero Hunger 2030, and while this goal is quite worthy, it does not solve the needs of children in many countries. Synergence Ventures has proposed the Updating the Zero Hunger 2030 goal, as truly this goal can be accomplished almost instantly by working closely with the food cooperatives of the world. As an NGO we feel this is our most precious and important goal, and we are very willing to work on a razor’s edge to provide the necessary to any population in need.

We will get back to you as we fill in the details.