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Synergence Ventures Corporation is more than a company, as the partners below participate in projects that truly change the lives of people, from the hard working cooperative members who harvest our crops to feed their families, to the truck drivers who move our goods to port, via our ship captains who power our ICUMSA Sugar, Corn, Oats or Wheat across the oceans, to the corporations, ministers of nations, or heads of state that we are privileged to serve.  We act clearly in service, as they must feed, house, and clothe their nations.  The true rarity in life is follow-through, and the faithful adherence to a trust.  You will find both in every member of this firm.

Synergence works in the fields of commodity acquisition and transportation, but also with the fiduciary management of the financial services needs of our clientele.  Whether we are pursuing financial instruments for a trade or extensive real estate development projects, we focus on the needs of our company or country partners.  In short, Synergence is the fulcrum where Heart and Intelligence are balanced for the advancement of our clients. For advanced project planning and financial management, done as fiduciary and trustee, always respecting the needs and ownership of the customer, Synergence has developed and implements what were known originally as proprietory Hi-Yield Trading Platforms, which provide above average yields on investment, while offering the important distinction that these yields do not require above average risk.

It is only by assisting others that one’s value to the world is truly realized.  We choose to govern from the heart, as it is not in dollars, lira, pound or real that a deal is made, but in satisfying the needs of our customer, that they can fulfill the needs of their society.  How else can one quantify the emotions of bringing food to the world market, especially if it is tasked for humanitarian purpose?

Our staff, without exception, are committed to do whatever is necessary time, effort or financial sacrifice related, to insure that we are helping support the United Nations and it’s 193 country partners in meeting their goals. Our government partners feel confident due to our direct relationship with over 1,220,000 United Nations cooperatives worldwide, that we will secure and deliver the food to satisfy their country’s needs.  We are not the largest firm on the world map, but we pledge our support to those who take care of the needy.  We resolve as a group, that you will find open hearts here, who will find a way to fulfill your requirements.

In truth, we are just getting started, and hope to earn your endorsement of our methods.

Our most sincere thanks to our customers for your faith and honor in working with us, and to my brothers, and sister,  for committing your lives to making these dreams come true.

The Staff of Synergence Ventures Corporation

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Synergence Ventures Corporation

Head Office United States

4302 Pickwick Circle #219, Huntington Beach, CA 92649 USA

Marc Howard Guest

CEO & Chairman

Mobile :+1-5622922882

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Marc Guest, President and CEO, has been an entrepreneur for the past 40 years, beginning his career in the sale of precious metals for spot or future delivery.  Marc built Intercomex Financial Corporation from a sole proprietor status, selling precious metals investments himself, into a firm of over 100 Account Executives located in Lido Island and Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas, Nevada, West Palm Beach, Florida and New York City, New York.


Over the years, Marc has created companies that have marketed innovative new products to the public. These products have included The Water Dam, a water saving device which converted the function of traditional toilet tanks into the newer 1.6 gallon low flush requirements, the Wipe Out! CD, DVD, and Game Repair Kit, which was a micro-abrasive creme that removed scratches and eliminated skipping on damaged Compact Disc products of all kinds, and many other endeavors impossible to list here.

Marc was nominated for the Entrepreneur of the Year award honors for his work at Intercomex Financial Corporation, and received an Innovations 99 Award for Esprit Development Corporation from the Electronics Industry Association when he exhibited the company’s patented Wipe Out! CD Repair Kit at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Marc also spent 14 years as a Bank Loan Officer and the same time period as an Investment Advisor with Series 7, 22, and 63 licensing. Today, our business is mostly related to Fiduciary and Trustee Management of trade, financial instruments, and financial management activities, handling not only the investment related functions, but serving the management and effective operational control of our business for Companies, Cooperatives, and Country Partners.



India Office

Abhijit Das

Chief Financial Officer

Mobile +91 98369 22001‬
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Ashraf Hendawy Abdel Salam Zaied

Chief Accounting Officer

New Cairo, Egypt