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SYNERGENCE VENTURES CORPORATION acts from the center, for buyer or seller directly, to virtually any source globally, directly within the banking system.  We accomplish this, without intermediary interference, in over 193 countries.  We serve our clientele as Fiduciary and Trustee, acting with them, and for them, to promote their purposes precisely.

In simple terms, “Tell us what you wish to win, and we will show you the way to accomplish it.”  Within due bounds, Synergence Ventures Corporation accepts your goals of intent, and works exclusively within the banking system processes, and with direct access to all members of the United Nations Cooperatives Organization, containing millions of Manufacturers and Producers worldwide, we act to accomplish your requirement.  We are absolutely present, and on-the-desk to answer to any personal, corporate, or governmental need, and as a Non-Governmental Organization, this is our humble mission and purpose.

We are often asked, how does Synergence Ventures act?  Well, certainly the answer above is the beginning, and there are thousands of touch-points to any successful trade, but in short, we act in all ways requested to benefit the needs of our customer.  And we do this in virtually every area of any acquisition or endeavor.  We have access to, and are members of many honorable institutions, and act in like manner, for the honor of our staff, and long history we accept and support.

The better question is, what does Synergence Ventures do that is not able to be replicated within any bank or banking system?  This is where successful operations are accomplished, as we collect and connect all approvals required for approved trade status of contracts, and hundreds and thousands of additional details, down to the level of Covid-19 certifications, from boat, supplier organization, and shipping company, as goods and operations are prepared to move to your required destination or conclusion.

Our File Operation performance management process is your passport to all such approvals, and will open the doors to any requirement.  We are at your service, and here answer a few absolutely critical interventions, for the benefit of any principal, and to answer to all management needs.

Desktop Operations of Synergence Ventures Corp and/or Phoenix Mining Group with Banks.

Access to Systems Information of the banks is a key point to knowing principally that the clients are legitimate, real, and have solvency in the bank, individually and/or jointly.

In 1983 until 2001, this process was known fundamentally as “Portfolio Management”, with two types of operations known as:

  1. High-Yield Commercial Program
  2. High-Yield Financial Program

Covering all operations related to stock exchange, bond exchange, and commodity exchanges, both internationally, and respectively in every country of operations.

The numbers of operations in the bank, and the volume of treatment in the bank, based on “Portfolio Management”, was not sufficient, as in many cases due to multiple transactions in the bank, and mainly problems between information introduced in System Information, and passed to System Organization, which caused administrative incidents and stopped total Portfolio Management, until the specific problem in one operation could be solved, thus resulting in wasted time, energy, money, delays, and other impacts in policy of execution and legal terms.

From 2016, after the meeting of Basel III, in February, the Internal Structures for “Portfolio Management” changed, and were extended to “File Operation” management, currently in process.

There are many reasons for this development, and to illustrate, we are just mentioning some of the most relevant:

  • There were Operations in which the Principal Company failed in his duties and/or obligations.
  • There were Operations in which the Principal Company was not operating in it’s sector of activities.
  • There were Companies that having an Operation in process, were dissolved.
  • There were Cases that the Board of Directors were not properly informed of the Operation, and didn’t have legitimate officers representing the Board of Directors, thus, their Signatures were not approved, within their nominated bank, with approval from any Bank Officer.
  • The File Operation system is compartmentalized in it’s design, that one operation will not negatively affect all aspects of Company Management.
  • Etc…

From 2018, it was officially announced in the banks and banking systems, that any and all operations must be identified, and have Traceability records, most specially for tax payment, duties, and obligations principally, which became currently known as Basel IV Treaty Requirements.

Today, subject to approval is the new Basel V update, concerning relations of ICC 700 for Banking Instruments, and ICC 500 concerning cash management. It is relevant to mention that Cash Notes in physical and Cash Flow in physical are in process to be in the form of Digital money, which again start many polemic, as some people try to build their own concept, which are not approved due to fact that the principal objective of Digital Currency is the protection of client’s and the institution, and thus will be removing Checks, Cashier Checks, Promissory notes, Notes, Warrant, and Bills of Exchange out of services in such a way as to boost the movement/speed of operations in their respective steps, and in all different Systems (Information, Organization and Operations). The above has started to impact the economy in currencies exchange, and the rating of currencies, but this is currently only in partial effect. (Becomes Permanent later in 2021)

Synergence Ventures Corporation and/or Phoenix Mining Group, according with the above large explanatory, are working exclusively as Fiduciary and/or Trustee to complete and monitor activities in:

  • System Information Banking in Relation with Clients
  • System Organization Banking in Relation with Clients
  • System Operational Banking in Relation with Clients
  • Interventions and Resolution of Authorities with Clients (Ambassador Approvals, etc.)
  • Desktop Operations, and help for decision makers, in Relation with Clients
  • Building General Ledger Map, for Clients
  • Design of Appropriate File Operations mapping the purpose in coordination, with Clients
  • Maintaining all Input and/or Output Records, as monitored movement in System Organization for Clients
  • Establishing Fixed Expenses and Variable Costs for the Clients
  • Establishing Limits and Control of Funding/Needs as:
    • Investment Funds
    • Development Funds
    • Management Funds
  • Publishing and Promotions
  • Sale and Purchase of Commodities
  • Management of Banking Instruments
  • Private Placement Program (Gold for Families, and Platinum for Companies, Institutions, etc.)
  • Free Zone Import and/or Export Activities

These items, listed above, are best described as essential master services of Synergence Ventures Corporation, as institution, and as a member firm of the United Nations.  It is the Trustee part of what we perform in the process of Fiduciary and Trustee, as there are myriad aspects to any transaction. These items therefore are the issues that are unable to be answered, or performed, within any banking institution.   Synergence Ventures acts with the proper political and ministerial administration, and process, to facilitate the operations, trade with formal approvals, and obtain/certify internationally supported operational approvals. As mentioned elsewhere, our banking process of operations is approved in over 193 nations.

In general terms, Synergence Ventures Corporation and Phoenix Mining Group act with full responsibility to the client, undertaking all rules and instructions received, and following all rules and requirements of the Banking System, as well as insuring the fulfillment of the missions for all authorities in respect to the instructions received from our Client.  Client actions must be approved by Board of Directors Resolution, fully committing the Corporation to the trade, and properly nominating two officers of the company, who also are confirmed to have direct signature powers, within their nominated operative bank.

The integrity, constant access, and autonomy of our clients are 100% secured within our platform, by providing your company, and its accounting or management personnel, 24/7/365 access to your DBA banking account operations within our firm. Further, by your own direct relations with your bank officer, in charge at your own bank, your Bank Officer has full authority to contact, direct, inform, check, credit, or verify any operation, at any time. Synergence Ventures Corporation and Phoenix Mining Group act on the direct requests of your company, and are responsible for each and every action, and all operational moves, including SWIFT, Euroclear, and Reuters transmissions/transactions. Indeed, any instruction can be verified by the client as executed not only in theory, but via the very real daily operations of your account and your requirements, and are viewable constantly online.

When your File Operation is opened and in process, all issues of the respective operation is transparent, and when a purchase is made, you are given the true price, and view the actual invoice, for any trade or expense.  In addition, any and all fees for your organization are approved by your company before the trade, and signed-off on before they are debited, with your permission, from the account.  We are responsible as co-managers of your operations, are active participants in your success, and able coordinators smoothing your trades and management. Any actions which are legally permitted, within the business of your desire, can be coordinated via File Operation Structure, and are easily followed by our opening a DBA account for your cash management, and potentially, separate DBA accounts for your assets management, or operational management needs.

If we have left you with any questions, please know that much of our time is spent making sure that the customer is comfortable, feels confident that they are part of the process, and knowing that our management saves them time, money, and dramatic frustration.  Lose the intermediaries with a three-foot-high view of the banking universe.  Banking is not hard, and doing business is not hard.  Synergence Ventures Corporation and Phoenix Mining Group simplify the coordination of Banking and Business, by working within the system to accomplish your company’s mission with more Faithfulness, and more Adherence, to Your Requirements.

To which we pledge our troth,

As Agents for the Institution, we sign our agreement.

Mr. Marc Howard Guest, CEO and Chairman

Mr. Abhijit Das, CFO



Wherever Your Business Leads, we service the necessary requirements!

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