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Synergence Ventures Corporation is proud to recognize one of the powerful forces working for over 25 years to solve the problems of malnutrition in developing nations, Nutriset! A key partner of the United Nations World Food Programme, these nutritional innovators have saved countless lives and brought children and pregnant mothers in dozens of countries to higher standards of health. We look forward to helping to provide these valuable products in more countries around the world, and assisting them as an NGO partner to the poorest areas of Africa, South and Central America. Saving humanity starts with making decisions that benefit others.


There are many ways to help populations to become more Autonomous regarding feeding their citizens, but for children, a goal to cure their anguish must come faster than a decade away. If your country wishes to provide the most food for the least cost, please contact us with your requirements and your ability. We will help you to feed your people, and we will do it instantly. When it comes to curing hunger, the time is always now!

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